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6 Brands We Love that Love the Environment

Two things we get hyped about: eCommerce and helping the planet. So when these two powers combine, you know it’s a brand we are going to love. In honor of Earth Day, here are 6 brands we stan that are doing their part to help out Mother Earth. 


Chrissy Teigan and Kris Jenner have teamed up to launch a brand new line of greener cleaning products. Anyone else saying “You had me at Chrissy Teigan.”?

Safely products are plant-based concentrates that come with refillable bottles and no harsh chemicals. So they help reduce waste and toxins, but they also smell great.


Pela believes in a waste-free future, which is why they created the first compostable phone cases. Pela cases produce 25% less carbon emissions, use 35% less water and create 70% less waste.

Since its founding, the company has also expanded into biodegradable sunglasses, Apple watch bands, and Airpods cases. You can basically go full-on tree hugger and still look trendy as hell.


Pact’s tagline is ‘Earth’s Favorite Clothing’, but they could just be your favorite clothing too. Pact makes great cotton basics, all organic and all fair trade. And while sometimes a greener product will cost you more green, Pact’s prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Who Gives a Crap

I know right - toilet paper? But you have got to give the marketing geniuses at Who Gives a Crap credit for their top notch branding and messaging. Plus their packaging is plastic free, and they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets and provide proper sanitation to places in need.

Gray Whale Gin

This California-based gin is made with local, sustainably sourced ingredients and is even stoppered with a 100% biodegradable cork. Not to mention, the bright blue bottle looks great on any bar cart.

And through their partnership with One Percent for the Planet, 1% of all sales goes to Oceana - the largest organization devoted solely to marine conservation. Drink gin, save the ocean. Don’t have to tell us twice.


If you don’t know Rothy’s, where have you been? Check it out - these shoes are actually made with recycled plastics, algae, and other natural and renewable materials. 

They are also carefully crafted to create 30% less waste in production, and built to last to create less waste on the backend as well.